ST3 - How to tilt texts? Isometrics.

I'm preparing isometric drawings (2D) with free SE 2D Drafting ST3 software, and I'm missing two features: isometric grid and tilting fonts.
I can draw without iso grid, but lack of fonts tilting is stopping me. As far as I understand, SE uses TTF system fonts, which cannot be tilted as easy as vector ones. Am I right?

Is it possible somehow to tilt texts? Or is there any other solution which would help me? For example tilted TTF fonts?


Marcin Stec

Re: ST3 - How to tilt texts? Isometrics.

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Yes, you can tilt text and it's quite easy. Select the text you wish to tilt. Look to the left of your screen and find the "Text Box" area. In that little window is a drop-down menu for setting the angle of the text. See attached image.

Hope this helps.:smileyhappy:


Re: ST3 - How to tilt texts? Isometrics.

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Thanks for answer, but it's not exactly what I need. I'm trying not only to rotate text, but to tilt it as on attached drawing.

Is such operation possible?

Re: ST3 - How to tilt texts? Isometrics.

This is not available in 2D Drafting.
What you are wanting is dimensions relative to the faces of a 3D Model.
There is no face plane on which to display the dimensions in 2D Drafting.
In 3D these dimensions are called PMI. A standard that represents this is
ANSI ASME 14.41.
This is a 3D Standard.
Solid Edge does this well.
Rick B.