Shading on the Layers tab

Hi Guys

When you select an element in model space the layer name on the layers tab the element belongs becomes shaded.

However the contrast between the shaded layer name and the white background is not enough and is hard for me to see which layer my selected element is on.

Is there a way to customise the color scheme of the layers tab or the color of the shading?





Re: Shading on the Layers tab

Hi pgw200, There appears to be no optin to customize the bg color in the layers area.

However there is a workaround.

After selecting an object, click in the Edgebar in the Laerys tab in the clear white space below the last layer node as seen in image and the layer of the object should appear in a good blue contrast.

~Tushar Suradkar


Re: Shading on the Layers tab

Hi Tushar

Thanks for the reply.

Thats a good work around, Cheers.