Showing differnt layers on 1 sheet?


First off thanks for providing this help forum and the FREE software!! I'm trying to do "existing layout" and "proposed layout" views on a single sheet. I have the existing layout out drawn on 1 layer and the proposed changes that will make up the "proposed layout" on a 2nd layer. Whats happening that I dont want is.. I place my first view on the sheet, then go back to the model and turn on the layers with the proposed layout drawings and it changes in the view Ive all ready placed on my sheet. I wanna freeze my first view then go back, turn on the layers that show the proposed layout and put that in a 2nd view of same sheet. How would I do this?

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Matt Jones

Re: Showing differnt layers on 1 sheet?

Notice that in the list of layers there is a 'Drawing Views' collection.
If you click on the '+' in front of this, you will see the drawing views you
have created.
Click on the '+' in front of each view and you will see the list of layers.
You can hide any layer in a view that is shown in 2D Model.
You cannot show in the view what is already hidden in 2D Model.
So in your case show both layers in 2D Model.
Use the hide override in the view to hide the layers.
One view will have a layer hidden. the other view will have the other layer
Rick B.

Re: Showing differnt layers on 1 sheet?

Sweeeeet! I never even saw that little button!!

Thank you!
Matt Jones

Re: Showing differnt layers on 1 sheet?

Thanx again! Once again a search of the user forum saves the day!