Solid Edge 2D draft VS Micro Cadam



I am trying to convince the people in my department to use Solid Edge 2d draft instead of Micro Cadam Helix. Can someone help me? a document showing what solid edge drafting tool can do and that micro cadam cannot do would be nice...




Re: Solid Edge 2D draft VS Micro Cadam

  • SE 2D is currently supported software.  Microcadam Helix was end of life in 2000.
  • New releases of SE 2D can be used free.  To get the newest CADAM product as CADAM Drafting, you must buy it from Dassault for $2800 + an anuall $550 to keep it licensed.

Aside from that, haven't got a clue what the differences are because prior to your question, I've never seen/heard of Helix.


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Re: Solid Edge 2D draft VS Micro Cadam

Thank you for your answer Grundey,


I think Helix is mainly used in Japan:

they kind of maintain it but it's really light years behind SE 2D in my opinion (not really different from the original Micro Cadam...).


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