Solid Edge 2D for Windows 7 32-bit

Hi everyone.

I was directed to this forum to seek assistance in where/how to download and install onto a Widows 32 bit computer.

Looking through the postings it seems quite a number of people request this, but I don't see an answer.


Perhaps the info is only ever sent direct to the requester rather than made visible? 


Or maybe it is just not available?


Hopefully someone will confirm and be able to point me in the right direction.


I have used Solid Edge 2D a number of years ago but on a different computer and would like to install it on my current computer.


Thanks, Greg. 


Re: Solid Edge 2D for Windows 7 32-bit

Just to let others know I received a quick and very helpful response to my query.

Much appreciated.


No, they do not publicly list or show or give out a link to the download.


You need to make a request and then a response will be sent directly to (only) you with information on downloading and installing.


They will emphasise that this is an old version and may soon be completely unavailable.


I now have it installed and running.

Looking to forward to playing with it again.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can find any of my (several years old) drawings somewhere....


Also, it seems the webkey they mention is just your login to this site (Username and password).


Thanks again for your assistance, Greg.


Re: Solid Edge 2D for Windows 7 32-bit

Can someone share a link to download a free version of 2d solidEdge ST6 32bit