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Solid Edge Block Creation

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering whether solidedge can create a block library from the part file or not.

1. i was trying to create a block on 2D draft (working mode) and select one of the drawing view as a block, unfortunattely the drawing view was not able select (Photo 1) not either in backgroung mode.



2. Another way i have tried was trying to change to 2D mode. somehow the part file unable to drop on the 2D model view. it was able to drop actually nut nothing is showed up. (photo 2).


Please advise, is there any other way instead of creating the block manualy ? or did i miss something on step so make it unsuccesfull?


Thanks and Regards




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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Solid Edge Block Creation

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Hi Destian,


You can right click a model view, and select "Convert to 2D view", then "Draw in view" select "Block" from the Home tab, select the geometry, then a placement point [name the block].....and it will be added into the blocks list, found under the Library menu.



This post would also be better in the main Solid Edge the "model view" is derived from a 3D part, which is not possible in the 2D Drafting version.

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Re: Solid Edge Block Creation

Hi Sean,

Awesome , Thank you very much for your help.


and the problem has been solved Smiley Wink


Really appreciate it.


Thank you,