Symbol selection

I have ST2. V20 used to do all I needed, but upgraded. Now I have problems.

When I go into "Libraries" and select a symbol and new "sheet 1" opens. I can drag that symbol to the new "sheet1", then when I go to another sub class of symbols and select another symbol a new "sheet1" opens and I can drag that symbol to the new "sheet1".

I used to be able to drag the symbols to the "A2" Draft1 worksheet I had with out all these other sheets popping up. I can "copy" and "paste" these symbols to the Draft1, but that is painfully slow. First I have to "zoom" to even be able to see the symbols, then copy that symbol, switch windows, close the sheet1 where the symbols were dragged to, then start the process all over again for another symbol.

What setting am I missing?

Re: Symbol selection

KennyG 2nd Gear
2nd Gear
Perhaps you should post a video of the process. Not sure what you are doing but Symbols should be working the same as in V20.


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