Text labels everywhere - AutoCAD / Solid Edge incompatibilities?

I am working on some process and instrumentation diagrams with Solid Edge (v.19 and
v.20,) as well as with AutoCAD LT 2006. It appears there is a compatibility issue
as I get scrambled text labels all over the drawing as I go from one application
to the next. For instance, if I modify the drawing in SE, it appears with garbled
text in AC, and vice versa. Has anyone run across this problem, and if so, is there
a solution?


Re: Text labels everywhere - AutoCAD / Solid Edge incompatibilities?

Text is the most difficult thing to get correct when translating from one
cad program to another. This is because of the different fonts that the
different CAD programs use. Solid Edge uses True Type Fonts (TTF). AutoCAD
by default uses .shx (shape file fonts). AutoCAD does now support TTF. When
you save as AutoCAD or open an AutoCAD file with Solid Edge there are
options that can help you map the fonts used by Solid Edge to fonts used by
AutoCAD. Click on the Options button when saving or opening an AutoCAD file.
Page through the options to get a feeling of what is available. When you get
to the Text Font mapping page, ensure you are using the correct font on both
Rick B.

Re: Text labels everywhere - AutoCAD / Solid Edge incompatibilities?

One thing you might try is turning off word wrap on all text by selecting all the
text and under Edit--->Properties un-check word wrap.
Seems by default that word wrap is applied to anything that I import.
Then if the string is longer than the original text box, it splits the text into
two lines.