sorry my English is bad.
When I create a text profile then I can not edit it, just select the frame can be.
I save the file as a dxf and open it is then only because the frame?


Re: Textprofil

Just a shot in the dark here without trying a test case.. but...

Can you check to see if your dxf inported as either a group or a block...

Your translation setting may be grouping or blocking those on import.

Try to un-group or un-block the entity.


Re: Textprofil

Let's back up here.
Are you wanting text, and then export the text?
If that is the case, use Text Box, not Text Profile.
Text Box is text.
Text Profile is something completely different. It creates geometry in the shape of the input text. It currently does not export to DXF.

Rick B.

Re: Textprofil

I need the geometry of the Text not a Textbox.

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I have full blown Solid Edge so I do not know the limitations of the Free2D

Ricky said export of the text profile was not supported..

I can create the text profile from within the draft... Will this work for you and your need?

On the sketch tab --> Insert --> text profile.