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I would like to fix all my dimensions in my 2D model view and not have them show up when switch to a Working Sheet because if I imported all my dimensions the drawing looks quite cluttered. As I understand it the way to do this is to create a layer which I add all my locked dimensions onto in the 2D model view and then hide this layer when I switch back the the Working Sheet. I can then add unlocked dimensions onto the drawing in the working sheet as I choose.


Is this the best way to do this?


I can't seem to figure out how to get this to work anyways. For one, I can't find the layers shortcut menu.

Also, I try to move dimensions into a new layer then select hide layer and the dimensions do not dissapear (I've tried this in both 2D Model view and Working Sheet).


Here is a link to a video of what I'm trying to do:



Re: Trouble using layers


I figured it out myself.




Re: Trouble using layers



Unfortunately Solid Edge like most CAD systems always tries to do things the "AutoCad" way or at least be more familiar to AC users, instead of really doing it well.


I've always HATED using Layers, and only find myself using it when forced to... Hasn't changed in 10 years or so.


Simple things like moving a "Element Type" are missing from the "Smart Select" command and RMB.  I know you can select all Dimensions for example using the "Smart Select", but once you do, you don't have the option to move them to another layer. Same with using the RMB... nothing there pertaining to layers.


So Users are forced to deal with the fly out "Layers" toolbar to deal with all this. But it's a clicking nightmare... again this is one of the only areas in Solid Edge that seems to have been left in the 90's.


Some day we'll get a Layers Tool that truly productive and useful.



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Thanks Bob,


I was actually able to use the Smart Select command to highlight all the dimensions and then in the layers tab I could move them all at once to Autohide.

This doesn't seem too onerous to me, it just wasn't imeadiately obvious how to do this. I think the biggest thing that would help me (As a longtime Solidworks user just making the changeover) would be screenshots in the help menu. It's pretty difficult learning all the solidedge terminology/jargon just to find out where tools are located on the various tabs. Visual cues would make this much easier!


Cheers for the help in this forum though, it's been great!