Trying to Get Box around text profile not to print

I am having the most difficult time trying to get the box around the text profile not to print.  There does not seem to be an option to hide the box. Everytime I try to put in the text from the text profile option, there is always this black box outline, and I can't get rid of it.  I have attached a picture of the issue and would appreciate any help that anyone might be able to give.getridofbox.PNG


Re: Trying to Get Box around text profile not to print

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Hi there @brandonc,


Yes this is an old standing issue with the 2D "Text Profile" absolutely SHOULD have the "Option" to hide the box in the parameters. If you don't need to have text geometry, then recommend using the "Text" [or Callout] command in the Annotation group.


The work-around is to make dumb geometry from it, by exporting it to DXF [or DWG] then open that file in Solid Edge, right click on the text and choose "Unblock", delete the box, then recreate the block, or group....copy & paste back to your document. The rub, is if you need to edit it, other than scale, you will need to repeat the entire process. [you get quicker at it, but it is annoying]

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Re: Trying to Get Box around text profile not to print

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this question. I was trying to find some other way, than this one, but it does work!  I had a friend show me in detail how to do what you said and it worked!  He actually had seen it posted on the site and so had I earlier, but I was hoping a better way could be found to get around this tiny problem.  Yet the solution worked!  Thank you so much for sharing your advice and help in this matter.


Have an awesome day!