Updating Solid Edge ST9 2D Drafting


So, I was going through my thousands of SFBmail emails, and I noticed that there had been an update to Solid Edge. In hindsight, that was probably related to one of the full versions, but it is now irrelevant to my question. What I noticed was that this form, which supposedly will result in access to the newest version's download link, throws an error when it is completed. The error complains about non-existent fields being left blank. Has anyone else encountered this issue, and know of a workaround?


Re: Updating Solid Edge ST9 2D Drafting

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Hi there @VIXIVIXIV,


I just tried it, and am also getting the erroneous incomplete fields message. What version are you currently on?


Definitely an issue in this form & successive link......someone on the Siemens side will need to work this out.....as it's not normally like this.




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Re: Updating Solid Edge ST9 2D Drafting


Hello all,


The form now works, and this issue has been resolved. @SeanCresswell, thank you for confirming that I had a legitimate issue and was not simply experiencing the side effects of malware or browser extensions. At the time of this post, the download works perfectly fine.