User manual?

I looked at the messages about a user guide or manual which are over 4 years old. Is there anything new in this area?

I have 2D St8 and OS is Windows 7.

I would like a user guide or manual to help get started. I have seen many for other CAD programs.

Do you have any suggestions?

thank you


Re: User manual?

All the documentation and tutorials can be accessed from the front page of the online help system:




Re: User manual?

Thank you. Is there any way to print out the entire help file?  I am like the previous writer I do better if I can look it up before and while I am working.

thank you 

Re: User manual?

The help documentation is multi-media based comprised of several different formats. Obviously not all formats are conducive to being printed.  So no it is not possible to print *all* of the help documentation out.  


If you look around the site to see what's available you will see several sections that are better suited for being printed out. For example, if you look at this section of the training resources you will have PDF files available for download and printing: Tongueart__w6aab7b3c19


Re: User manual?

I am unable to use the 2D cad because I am not able to bring my Autocad drawings into the program. When I select an autocad drawing there is a series of Windows that I am supposed to make selections in, but they do not seem to fit the drawings I am trying to use. This is why I need a user manual to get me started.

The answers I have received so far do not help. I guess I need the most basic help at this point and a manual would really help.


Re: User manual?

Then I would suggest using the online help search functionality to locate specifically what you are trying to accomplish.


In the Solid Edge online help page, towards the top of the page is a text box titled "Search".  In this box enter a term or terms related to what you are interested in reading about.  In your specific case perhaps try using "AutoCAD" or "AutoCAD import".


If I search on "AutoCAD import" I get 35 results found.  The third result is "AutoCAD Import Translation Wizard".  If I then open this help link I am taken to the help documentation on using the "AutoCAD Import Translation Wizard" including an explanation for each of the options available in the "series of Windows" that you mention.  


Here is the direct link to the "AutoCAD Import Translation Wizard" documentation:


If you are struggling with getting your AutoCAD dwg files imported I would suggest that you start a new thread on this forum specifically for the import issue and post a sample AutoCAD file stating exactly what you can or cannot accomplish.  After all this is really what your issue is.  Accessing and printing out help manuals is a secondary result of not being able to successfully import your .dwg files.