Using a digitizer in Solid Edge

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I'm a new user and i'm trying to use a CalComp digitizer with SolidWorks.  It works in the drawing screen but i can't get it to draw a line accurately.  I'm tracing paper patterns that i want to then modify with the cad software.


When i draw a 3 inch line, it shows the X line as 2.2828 which gives me a scale factor of 1.31417.  I cannot find anywhere to set the global scale factor so that all lines would be drawn to actual size.


I've searched all over the internet and through the help files.  I find lots of scale factor options, but nothing that will give me what i need.


Is this not possible in Solid Edge ?


Re: Using a digitizer in Solid Edge

I've done what you are doing in Autocad but not in Solid Edge.


It could be the digitizer. I seem to rember the first step sfter tunign it one was calibrating it to find each corner. Look at the calcomp driver there maybe a setting in there for calibration or scaling.

Re: Using a digitizer in Solid Edge

Thanks for the idea.  I've checked the TabletWorks software, but haven't found anywhere to do that.  I will investigate further.

Re: Using a digitizer in Solid Edge

How big is what you are digitizing? I think these days most folks would scan it in and then use it as a backdrop image and trace over it right in CAD. This is really a lot easier IMO if you can go that route.

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Using a digitizer in Solid Edge

The digitizer is 44 x 60 and some patterns are almost that large.