Very new to SE7 and have font question.

I'm trying to export a SE7 2d drawing into an autocad drawing (.dft to .dwg).

starts out looking like :



and ends up looking like:


Asthetics aside, our vendor uses the font to etch the characters into the parts we need.  Is there a simple fix for this?  If not, can someone point me how to turn a true type font into line geometry?  Thank you for any help.


Re: Very new to SE7 and have font question.

Hi There,


Not very much you can do, within the Draft environment, unfortunately.

There are a couple of options available to get this [sort of] working, but only when working from a 3D model, saving from views back into draft, or from "Save As Flat" in Sheet metal, as there is an option to have text as TTF or geometry.


The trouble is, True Type Fonts, are actually ALL boundaries, even those that profess to be "Engraving" or "Single Line" type fonts, these are just very narrow versions.


What version of Solid Edge are you Free 2D?...or...??

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Re: Very new to SE7 and have font question.

Using the full version of ST7.  My vendor can use any of the .shx extension fonts, but i dont see where Solid Edge has any by default.  Can these be added into the program for use?

Re: Very new to SE7 and have font question.

When you export a SE Draft file to .DWG or .DXF you can map the True Type fonts used in Solid Edge to shape file fonts (.shx) that are used by autocad. You do this by using the translation wizard to set the options that control the conversion from Draft (,dft) to (.dwg or .dxf). When you save as one of these types, click on the Options button and then go through the different pages of the wizard. There is a page specifically for font mapping. Be aware that when mapping fonts, the metrics of fonts are different. What that means is that the width of characters from one font to another can be different. Text length can change because of this.


Rick B.

Re: Very new to SE7 and have font question.

Thank you very much for your help. Very helpful and informative.  I will tinker with it and see if I can come up with a solution.