Viewing 3D Models with Free 2D Drafting Software

Is there a way of viewing 3D solid edge models when you have the free 2D drafting
software installed?
The 2D software won't open any par/asm files and it won't let you install the free
solid edge viewer that i'd usually use without first removing the 2D drafting software.
Any help with this would be appreciated! I'd like to be able to use the free 2D
drafting functionality, but also view read only copies of Solid Edge models that
our design team send me.

Re: Viewing 3D Models with Free 2D Drafting Software

Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19 will not allow the free viewer to be installed at
the same time. Version 20 will eliminate this issue. Installing Solid dge 2D
Drafting V20 will install both 2D Drafting and the free viewer. V20 will be
released shortly after the release of Solid Edge V20.
Rick B.