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What version of SE Free2D - What happened to the tutorials

Hello Everyone,

The first time I used the SE free2d system I was really impressed with it in relation to previously using Auto-cad and Intergraph (Once I had been through the included tutorials).

The drafting I did when I was still employed as a design draughtsperson was carried out in 2D. The closest to 3D I got was creating isometric views!

Initially getting your free2D system there were some tutorials that helped me get used to the cad system.

I generally just use the system to do projects for my woodworking these days.

Alas, having been in hospital for the removal of a brain tumour and coming back to using your system intending to work through the same tutorials, it seems they have disappeared on the ST4 version of free2d!
(or is it ST5 I have, how can I tell the difference?)

Is there somewhere to locate the original tutorials?

George W

Re: What version of SE Free2D - What happened to the tutorials

I managed to find out that I had ST4 - I have uninstalled this and have downloaded (with difficulty) ST5 and installed that.
However, the tutorial is still very simplistic in comparison to the initial one I had on the 1st version I installed with file name SE2DDraftV100ENGLISH!!!