Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS

The Free 2D web site is being updated to reflect the fact that Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST5 will not install on the Windows XP operating system. Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST6, which will be released next year, will not install on Windows Vista.

However, I will include the link to the English ST4 download. If you need one of the other languages, copy and paste the link below into the path at the top of your Internet Explorer. Change ENGLISH to one of the other available languages. The LANGUAGE must be all caps.

We only maintain two versions, currently ST4 and ST5, on the download server. We provide links on the download web page only for the current version. The previous version is only different by number. You can copy the link on the web site and change the version number to download the previous version. Once we deliver ST6 next year the two versions on the server will be ST5 and ST6.

I will offer a suggestion to help you manage your software. When you download from the server you are provided two options (Run and Save). Always Save the installation executable locally to your machine. You will specify a location for Save. Once the Save finishes, you will be prompted again to Run. It will run the saved executable. you can lrun the executable later by simply double clicking on the executable. You can copy the executable to a DVD for future installation or to use to install the software on another machine. You do NOT have to register for each machine. You only need to register once.

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Re: Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS

That's great, I just replaced my hard drive on my XP and ST5 refused to install.
Now with the ST4 installtion is OK - but it will not run as it requires a lincens key
When I try to obtain a license key, I directed to download ST5 !
Perhaps I need to try to restore my old broken hard drive to get the key ?
Any way to use it on my XP ?

Re: Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS

Hej again
I managed to get the key from my old hardrive - so now ST4 is up and running Smiley Happy

Re: Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS

When you register for the software and Submit, you are taken to the the download web page. There are two types of downloads (links) on this web page. There are links to download the current version of the software in the different languages. There are also links to download updates for the license. The license download links are at the top of the page.

Rick B.

Re: Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS

Well basically this sucks!
I've Got ST4, want ST5, and ST6(when it is released) You'd think as big as Siemens is, they could afford to make their product compatible with WinXP(the LARGEST WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM IN USE TODAY) and forward!
SO>>> Basically, that means I will be looking for another(better/faster/whatever) 2D package that is not limited by the developers lack of knowledge about how to make things work on the LARGEST WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM IN USE TODAY! That would be WinXP.

Re: Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS

It has nothing to do with knowledge (obviously the already had it running on XP), it has to do with having to support 4 OS versions, with XP being the oldest. The two latest OS versions are supported which is sufficient for the commercial user base. If you persist to use an old OS then you can continue to use an old version of the free software you got... I as a paying customer do not want Siemens spending any of my annual maintenance money on supporting dead OSs that are not themselves supported by Microsoft.

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Re: Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS

Not this commercial business. We still run XP and are a world business.