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editing a dimension

Hi , I'm working on the first tutorial sbddadr part and I'm to the point where I click on the select then I click on the 100 dimension and it gets highlighted . The tutorial then states "in the value edit handle adjacent to the dimension , type 90 and press enter " I can't find the value edit

handle ?? Does someone have a screenshot of where it is or can tell me where it is ?? Thanks .


Re: editing a dimension

I figured out the toggle is just the tiny circles above and below the dimension so I change that value to 90 , but the dimension to the center of the circle is supposed to change automatically from 50 to 45 , but mine is staying at 50 , but the 100 does change to 90 .

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: editing a dimension

nevermind . I guess I did something wrong editing the formula for the dimension of the center of the circle . I redid that formula and then changed my 100 to 90 and this time the 50 dim. changed to 45 . This may help someone .