lost templates


I am trying to open a .dwg file in SE2D (current version) I reinstalled it yesterday
as I was having difficulty.
I am following the advice from the FAQ sheets and it advises to open the files with
a "black_background" template. I seem to be missing these templates. I get nothing
in the general or more tabs when opening a document and cannot find any of these
templates in the template folder on the solid edge directory on c drive.
Can anyone a) advise me if I am doing anything wrong,
or b) send me a copy of the template files I seem to have lost.
Note reinstallation did not help.

Re: lost templates

The FAQ is out of date and is being removed. In an earlier version, we had
these templates to help those opening AutoCAD files. We now have colors
built in that equate to color7 in AutoCAD. You should not have to worry with
special templates. One thing you need to think about is inch/metric. Use the
provided templates accordingly. Also set the options accordingly.
Rick B.