problem during converting in DWG

when i made any drawing in solid edge draft in colored lines, and converting it into DWG file then the colors of all lines became white, instead of keep in colored. what should i do to convert the lines in same colors as it is in solid edge


Re: problem during converting in DWG

Hi RAHUL_SHAKYA, To export the colors defined in SE Draft to the DWG format you must go to the options dialog and modify the default value of “Do Width to color mapping”


  • Select “Save As”
  • Set the Save as Type to DXF/DWG
  • Select options button/Control
  • Browse to the Line width to color mapping page (4th page)
  • Uncheck the Do Width to Color Mapping
  • Seelct Finish
  • Save your configuration file to a new name
  • Save the DWG file