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setting up relations

using st9 2d drafting free edition i am trying to set up relations on a 6 x 91 inch front rail. the rail has three slots in it that i am trying to drive the locations when the length of the rail changes (91 inches). i set up the formulas in the variable table. i have tried every relationship i can and still cannot get this right. could someone take a look at the relationships i have and let me know what i did wrong or correct it and repost it so can study it. i have read and read on the relationships and tried for 2 days changing everything i could. i have been playing with this program for a month, so still a newbie thanks for any help
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‎06-20-2017 07:25 PM

Re: setting up relations

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looks like you are missing a horizontal/Vertical relationship on your 2 lenghts (top and bottom)

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Re: setting up relations

thank you very much for the help. will keep studing, lol