i can,tdownload solidedge

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What language are you trying to download?
Please be more descriptive?

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I can't find any link which let me download Solid Edge

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i just registard,but cant find the dl file in english?is there a download bug?need further instructions.

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When you enter your information, scroll down and submit the information.
You will be taken to the download site that has all the languages listed.
Click on the appropriate language to start the download.
Rick B.

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Tried it.

Error 502-Bad Request, comes up.

Below is a screen shot of the page you refer to, followed by an error page.

Same message comes up for every link on the page.

I think it is a server issue and not that of the user.

Please help.


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Please try it again.
I believe it was tracked down to a server issue.
Rick B.