Convert fonts to outline/curves/paths before PDF export?

Hey all..

I have a customer who sends me pdf files that I have to open in illustrator and save as eps files in order to print my film and make plates.

when I open these pdf's sometimes letters/numbers move to a different location than what Im seeing in the pdf preview (acrobat), other times the fonts default to something else (black boxes with X's in them) which I told them was a font issue and to use something standard (arial/helvetica/etc), and even other times the text path is shown when I select everything on the page - yet the text is invisible. really odd on that one and I had no solution.

which leads me back to the title of the thread ^

is this possible with SE? Im downloading the trial so I can see what I can see but I was curious if anyone would toss me some info if they knew an answer!

thanks in advance!

Re: Convert fonts to outline/curves/paths before PDF export?

Solid Edge fonts are Windows fonts and cannot be converted to outlines, however Solid Edge does have a Text Profile in the Draft and modeling environments that does generate an outline that is typically used to product cuts in solids. It is located on the Sketching tab on the ribbon. I do not know what it looks like if exported as PDF but I would expect that it should work.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Convert fonts to outline/curves/paths before PDF export?

thanks Ken... Ill see what turns up when I relay this to the engineers Smiley Happy
appreciate it man!