Extrusion problem

I was looking at using solid edge in the long run for creating my own customized side windows for my computers and drew an image in a 2D .DFT file which has colours associated with the different areas of the finals result as I want to acheive something similar to a stained glass look without the lead.


The problem I have struck is that when I try to extrude with solid edge this 2D image by copying and pasting it onto a 6mm  perspex panel and then extruding it 2mm inward any areas that are encapsulated with in the extrusion but are part of the surface area which is not meant to move cause an error to occur.


I have tried using surfacing - bounded areas to mark the top areas which I think is the correct action ; however the same problem occurs.


I have also tried this as a mid surface bounded and unbounded depth cut to no avail.


Also - and I don't know if this is a bug or not but when the image is copied from the .DFT file colouration fill for some areas dissapears and for other areas although it is there it doesn't show up correctly. I.E and area filled with grey (paper and ink) for want of better words comes up white but when you check it's properties it shows grey - grey, other areas with different colours suffer the same fate with no discernable explanation.


Am I doing something wrong??


I can upload the files if anyone want's to have a look.


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a screen shot, short video, or your file would be helpful for us to see...


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Re: Extrusion problem

"The problem I have struck is that when I try to extrude with solid edge this 2D image by copying and pasting it onto a 6mm  perspex panel and then extruding it 2mm inward"


This is where you lost me... if you could clarify what you are doing here my guess is we'll be able to quickly point you in the right direction.

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Okay sorry this has taken me so long but I am not so much up on producing videos and images along these lines ; however her are 5 images with exact description of what I did along the way.


The first image is simply a view of the sheet I setup as the side window - with holes already cut.


The second image is an image is 2d .DFT format of the logo I want to extrude into the panel ( first image ) by 2mm. The colours are acurate in the respect that any coloured area other than red will be filled out with appropriately coloured perspex and fitted into the extrusion except those areas that are highlighted in RED which will be bounded and should not be extruded at all - I.E they will remain 6mm deep as per the depth of the first image. The image has had a Sketching->clean sketch done on it so there SHOULD BE no nasties.


The third image is simply the 2nd image without any red highlights copied onto the perspex sheet - note that for some reason I can not comprehend colours have dissapeared in the copy process namely the yellow for the a and top bars and the1st circle in the middle and the entire gray area that goes around the bottom, the horse and the wing. When checking this I find that it is still filled with the colour but the colour is not showing under any circumstance - stumped on that one - possibly a bug?


The forth image shows the areas bounded that I do not want to be extruded.


The fifth image showed the final error message after I do the following.

Go to the surfacing menu.

Select extruded.

Select single from the options box.

Highlight the image I wish to extrude - in this case the data copied from the .DFT files that has the bounded data within it.

Select the tick box on the options area to begin extrusion.

Move the mouse backward a huge amount so I can see the extrusion lines and then type in 2mm and press tab to make sure it takes and steps into the step box.

At this point the extrusion lines shrink to 2mm in size as expected.

Left click - get error message.


Can anybody help me with this?


I don't know if I am doing anything wrong or not but am reasonably sure I've got it right.



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I think you're trying to select too many regions at the same time. Try a single region to extrude first - Solid Edge in the ordered environment likes single regions for a given extrusion. Also try the body extrude rather than the surfacing extrude.

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Hard to say what the issue is based on the images.  Would need the file with your geometry to track this down.  Not sure if they assigned you a VAR for the duration of your trial.  If so, this would be good to share with them or you can post it here and one of us could look at it.

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Okay I think I found the problem one of the parts just under the wing just did not want to extrude - it kept saying that it could not compute the geometry even though I zoomed in and checked every little part of it, it filled correctly it would select correctly but would not extrude so I deleted that piece copied it's polar opposite and then mirrored it and did some editing to make it fit as both sides are not identical in size.


Now it extrudes as far as I can tell and you can view it if you edit the panel and it looks ok as you can see with the black outlined areas not having being extruded..


However - there is still a rub - if I leave edit mode although the extruded surface is still there and you can go back into edit mode and view it - you can not see it on the model when you are not in edit - is there something I need to select so I can??


The following shows the image in edit mode but when you leave edit all you see is a blank sheet barring mount holes.

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A VAR? what is a VAR?

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@Falloutboy Since these are surfaces, they may automatically turn off when not editing.  They surface feature should be shown in Pathfinder.  Make sure the box next to it is "checked" for it to display.


A VAR is a Value Added Reseller.  I was assuming that if you requested a 45 day eval copy, they would also assign you a VAR as the logical assumption would be that someone should follow up with you since the purpose of the evaluation is to test drive before purchase.

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No i'm just a general hobbyiest who wanted to see if solid edge could do what I wanted it to do and then as I needed it get it a month by month basis as required - I'm still working out how to use some of it and have some issues not due to the product itself but because I have trouble seeing 3D.