Lost PathFinder Tab

Hi, Busy with ST9 trial. Doing family assemblies tutorial.  I seem to have "lost" the PathFinder TAB and some others, they were just above the graphics window.  How to get it back, (because I need its drop down menu to ensure "alternate assemblies" is on.    BTW pathfinder is showing IN the graphics window, but no Tabs above.  Anyone help?


Re: Lost PathFinder Tab

If you see the little black down arrow head on any pane including the quick access toolbar or the status bar, you can click it to turn back on any panes you turned off.
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Re: Lost PathFinder Tab

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Hi there @DD_UK,


Further to @Grundey's can also go to the "View" tab, and in the "Show" group, there is a "Panes" selection, to click on those you wish to restore.

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Re: Lost PathFinder Tab

Thanks Gents, Perhaps I am not expressing myself well...I can turn on PathFinder from any of the drop down lists, or the View / Show tab, but the PathFinder icon does not appear at the left side bar where Sensors or Parts Library appear. It may be that ST9 appearance is just slightly different to the Pics in the Family Assemblies tutorial. I will push on with the tutorial and re-post if the "problem" is material. Thanks.

Re: Lost PathFinder Tab

Try resetting your themes…


In Windows Explorer delete everything under the "%APPDATA%\Unigraphics Solutions" folder.

Re: Lost PathFinder Tab

If you have the option set to display the Pathfinder in the graphic view, you will not see a tab for the Pathfinder either above it or over on the left with the other tabs (so you won't see the Pathfinder icon). If you want to change the option so that it displays in a pane instead of the graphic view, you can do that through Solid Edge Options. On the 'Helpers' tab of the options dialog, uncheck the following setting and it will display as a pane instead of being displayed in the graphic view:




As others have said, though, you can get to the same dropdown arrow through any of the other panes, not just the one for Pathfinder.


Hope this helps,