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Model disappeared after modifying a feature

Good day!


I've made a part as practice and got it how I wanted. After modifying a hole feature the whole body disappeared and now I cannot get anything of it to show. Is there something obvious I am missing? Please see the attached file.


Re: Model disappeared after modifying a feature

Hi there @jvvhenri,


Looks to me like the "Design Body" has been consumed, and therefore deleted, as a result if the parameters set in that the time of it occuring, you would've been best served by using the "UNDO" command, to get the previous model state. Not much can be done with that file now.



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Re: Model disappeared after modifying a feature

Thank you for such a prompt reply!


Is that how the file opens? When I open the same file, all the features are still listed in the pathfinder. All the measurements are also shown on the graphics window, the solid itself is only gone (please see the attached screenshot).

Even if the model is actually gone, it seems to me very odd that a complex model can be lost on a single mistake. Do you have any insight on how this could have been avoided in the first place?


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Re: Model disappeared after modifying a feature

I repaired the file, please see the attached file.

Do you remember what operations/steps you did before having this problem? Did you save the file after you have this problem? Or did you notice model disappearence after opening the saved file next time? If you able to reproduce the issue with repaired file, please give us the steps to reproduce. Please send us any information you have, which will help finding the root cause. Thanks.

Re: Model disappeared after modifying a feature

How did you repair the file?


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Re: Model disappeared after modifying a feature

If my memory serves me correctly, I


1) edited "Hole 12" counterbore diameter from 3.5 to 3.9 mm

2) saved the file (most likely)

3) went to assembly file where the part was used. I'm not sure if it had already disappeared or was it only after deleting and re-adding it was not visible.


Thank you for repairing the file! I'd also like to know how you did it?


Anyways, I can try to reproduce the problem. I'll report back if I can do it. For now, I'll accept the repaired file as solution, thanks once again!