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ST8 trial ? is there any

Hi, we have registered for a trial and surprisingly we are driven to downlad and install ST7...
Is there any ST8 update somewhere ?

Accepted by topic author Denis_in_Luxbg
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: ST8 trial ? is there any

ST8 will be available as the 45 day trial probably some time in July. The ST8 software will be formally finished by then, and add a couple of weeks to get it up on the site for download. It's great to see folks chomping at the bit for the new stuff, but we'll get it up as soon as we can after it is finalized. I know my boss is working on getting ST8 finalized right now.


Short answer: start looking for ST8 on the 45 day trial in July.



Re: ST8 trial ? is there any

Ok and Thanks

Re: ST8 trial ? is there any

any news about ST8 trial availability ?

can we test it now ?
Denis C
CADASYS SA Luxembourg

Re: ST8 trial ? is there any

In July. So the next week or two.

Re: ST8 trial ? is there any

We just see that it is already working and have just downloaded it today.
Now we gonna try it right now !

Smiley Tongue   Thanks