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Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

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Solid Edge ST7 - 45-day trial version - running on MacBook Pro 2014 model, 8-GB RAM - Bootcamp Windows 7, Experience Index at 7.2. With just a couple of days left for my 45-day evaluation trial, was hoping to complete this large assembly as the finale result to my tutorial. But have not been able to solve this major issue. Had searched for possible solutions online, including this community site and the Siemens Documentation site but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Issue: - conflict error appears after the assembly gets considerably larger - step-by-step attachments shown - details below. Steps taken to solve: - checked and re-checked individual component dimensions - removing some relationships - tried running AsmRelDoctor, but a "Cannot attach to Solid Edge" error appears - rebuilt assembly with multiple sub-assy files (this has shown to improve,could build further into the assembly before the error pops up again). Attachments: Capture 01 JPEG - highlighted component shows the part, and there are multiple instances - relationships added to them are Mate, Axial Align, Tangent and Planar Align. Capture 02 JPEG - adding relationship - Mate relationship added without errors. Capture 03 JPEG - attempting to add Planar Align relationship - Relationship Conflict warning pop-up appears - note what has happened at the assembly structure - after this development of assembly cannot continue - Error report states Occurrence has failed

Re: Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

it's really hard to say with out having the assy.


the red lighting bolts in the assy are "common" when relationships are conflicting.


MIght this be as simple as setting the last mate/planar to a floating relationship?


and/or if you want to zip the assy and all it's parts and upload we'll be happy to look.


this sort of troubleshooting comes with experience and lessons learned after many many many hours of painful meticulous exercise.  many have learned how to fix such incidents but it's not something one can i explain or teach... it's more of a mental puzzle then a method to be taught.



Re: Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

Thanks for the reply, Matt. A floating relationship is not ideal for what needs to get done. Seems odd to me that after all the existing components having similar relationships, by adding another pattern-like part can cause it to cause the entire assembly to conflict. Would be great if you could have a look, attachments are large - not sure if it will get attached. Zip files are divided to Bags 01 and 02. Assembly file attached separately. Possible theory to resolve is by creating more sub-assemblies to add to the main assembly. But would prefer to get to the bottom of this issue to avoid it in the future.

Re: Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

Attached is Bag 02.

Re: Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

Attached are the assembly and config files. Let me know if this works and thanks for looking into this. Looking forward to your findings.
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Re: Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

it appears that the component causing your issies is actually the sencond to last part in the pathfinder. ( xxx)


I ended up in the failed stat you have been seeing and soppressed relationships till i found that part being the culprit.  I noted that that componant was assembeled to 2 differet pieces and somehow in that was not acting correclty.


I deleted all the relationships and reconstrained it...  it seems stable at this pint..  i thin added the additional part, and it too assembeles without issue.


Here is a short video showing the relationships i used.


In short however.  if you follow these steps you should be ok:

1.) delete the relationships between "brick w/ arch .11" & "roof tile .1"

2.) constrain as needed  "brick w/ arch .11" to "brick 1 x 2 .2"

3.) add the new "brick w/ arch .12" and constrain to "brick 1 x 2 .2"


this seems to work just fine.


Where did you get this model?


let us kno wif this resolves your issue.


Re: Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

Thanks Matt, this seems to have worked! Issue then lies with over-constraining the assembly with too many similar relationships. Guess if this pops up again will know what to do. Too bad am on my last couple of days left to complete the model - which is all my own. Was a project to learn about and evaluate SE. Thanks again!

Re: Unsolvable conflict error with Large Assembly

Hope you take the plunge and move forward with SE.


If so thsi community is her to help you get up to speed.