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2013 Productivity Summit Series


Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Sign up for the free one-day seminar, and you get the lunch with a whole lot more!


If you couldn't make it to Solid Edge University, or you could make it, but you want to learn more, these annual meetings bring the road show to you. You'll get to meet other Solid Edge users as well as someone directly from Solid Edge at each meeting. Additionally, these meetings are often the stepping-off point for local user group meetings run by local users.


The technical sessions will update you on what's new in ST6 as well as offer general Solid Edge information (topics shown below). Meeting other Solid Edge users from your area has many benefits. Talking face to face with people responsible for developing or supporting the software can provide you with important insight into the product and its future.



  • What’s new in Solid Edge ST6 and beyond
  • Drafting environment
  • Part environment
  • Hidden gems throughout Solid Edge
  • Solid Edge customer presentation
  • Assembly environment
  • Productivity add-on modules and third-party apps



Sep 10 - Santa Ana, CA
Sep 12 - Portland, OR
Sep 10 - Santa Ana, CA
Sep 17 - Kansas City, KS
Sep 19 - Kenosha, WI
Sep 24 - Fort Wayne, IN
Sep 26 - Boston, MA
Oct 1 - Toronto, ON
Oct 3 - Montreal, QC
Oct 8 - Philadelphia, PA
Oct 10 - Huntsville, AL
Oct 15 - Edmonton, AB
Oct 15 - Salem, OH
Oct 17 – Phoenix, AZ
Oct 17 – Detroit, MI


The event is free to Solid Edge users and includes lunch. Pre-registration is required so we can plan for adequate space and food. Also, if you are interested in a particular topic at your location, please leave a comment below. We're interested in your feedback before and after the event. How many of you are planning on attending?



Register here

Questions?  800-807-2200

Valued Contributor

Why isn't there one in Houston?


Every year, they move around. I'm not sure specifically why not in Houston. Houston has had a number of other events, I think led by reseller partners. And I think there was one there last year. It's hard to serve the whole of North America without someone getting left out. I'll consider this as a request for Houston next year.


Meanwhile, have you thought of starting a local user group in Houston? 

Valued Contributor

"Meanwhile, have you thought of starting a local user group in Houston?"