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Be one of the first to try the beta of our Solid Edge Portal today

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Siemens Visionary


Join the beta of our new Solid Edge Portal—a free platform for cloud-based project collaboration. As part of our commitment to interoperability, CAD files of any common format can be securely uploaded, viewed, shared, and marked-up. Web-browser access makes for on-demand use whenever, wherever and on whatever device.



solid edge portal horizontal.jpgHow can cloud-based collaboration help you move your projects forward?


There are many benefits to using cloud-based collaboration:

  • Reduced errors caused by designing to out-of-date specifications.
  • Faster time to market, as everyone has the latest information at their fingertips.
  • No lost time redoing designs in a new format.
  • Convenience due to portability in having access to your designs no matter where you are.


All designs and specs are real time and shared between customer, designer, project managers, product managers and plant managers.


Here’s a good example of how a chocolate candy manufacturer could make use of cloud-based collaboration:

Chocolate Artisans wants to create a special edition chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Artisans asks their local robotic gripper manufacturer, Handz, to make design changes in the gripper, so that the gripper can sense and pick up the heart-shaped chocolates as well as the existing square and round chocolates. The original files for the robotic gripper were IGES. Not a problem. Sensor specialist at Handz, Dean, uploads the original design files to the Solid Edge Portal, marks them up with proposed changes and shares them, along with a PDF of sensor specifications, on the portal with Charlie, a mechanical engineer at Chocolate Artisans.  Charlie walks down to the plant floor and shows the modifications to the manufacturing engineer using his mobile phone. The manufacturing engineer approves the concept through the mobile portal, and Dean proceeds with modifications to the robotics chocolate gripper with a special sensor and shares the final model on the Solid Edge Portal.  Charlie views and approves the finished design on his mobile phone, while giving the thumbs up to their marketer to add the heart-shaped chocolates to Chocolate Artisans online store!


If you want to experience the benefits of cloud-based collaboration for yourself, now is the time.

The Solid Edge Portal beta is easy to use and signup is free, so Sign up today!


Best regards,

The Solid Edge Team


Solution Partner Experimenter


I tested Solid Edge Portal. Works great, but can not preview text in a cyrillic font. 




Best regards!



Has anyone had success uploading and viewing assemblies?  I've uploaded a numbe of assemblies but none of them can be viewed.  Parts work fine.

Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Is there a "search" option? I can't find one. If I have a large assembly, I will need a way to find the desired files.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

@RLR, yes I have working parts & assemblies in the portal....however there is an current issue pertaining to file name syntax, that they are working to fix.

So maybe if your files have brackets within the name, try changing it to remove them.


@SeanCresswell Thanks for the suggestion Sean.  All my file names have an underscore so I created a small test assembly and removed it from all file names -  but still wont work!!   I've no idea what I could be doing wrong.


Gears Esteemed Contributor

@RLR....dang. OK, I would recommend joining the Portal BETA group, and you'l get better assistance there.....and that way, whatever your contribution, it can only add to making it a better product for us all, upon final release.

Siemens Visionary

@RLR -   @SeanCresswell is correct.  I'd agree that joining the  Portal BETA group and contributing there is the right way to go!  Thanks for contributing to our Solid Edge Portal Beta!  You can only make it better.


 @MarianneStokes @SeanCresswell Many thanks, I've requested to join the Beta Forum.