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Changes Around the Community


You might notice that some changes have already taken place, and in the future, there will be more.


  1. Q&A areas will be merged into the Forums. We are still going to provide an area to ask questions, but the Q&A is really the same as a forum, so we are just consolidating plus avoiding some of the bugs in Q&A such as listing responses by the first line of the response rather than the title of the question. This has already happened in the Developers area, and will happen here shortly as well.

  2. Spell checker fixed. This is already done, although I see it is not automatic like the spell checker on Wordpress sites. It will check spelling when you click on the check mark in the upper right of the rich text box when writing or editing to use it. It will only update if you click on the misspelled word and select a correct spelling. If you manually correct a spelling, you have to click it again to clear the red under-squiggle. The check mark icon shows as active or inactive, but I believe it only works when you click it, and the active/inactive state doesn't do anything. This is apparently working "as designed".

  3. Google Translator added. This should be a nice aid for those who don't prefer English. Find the language drop-down selector at the upper right of the white space.

  4. The automatic time out will be lengthened. If you take longer than 30 minutes to write down a thought, you might lose your work. This will be fixed.

  5. Some visuals will be changed in the near future. Like fonts, and some visual organization such as alternating shading.

  6. Right Column organization. We are trying to have a clear design in mind for the right hand column.

In the longer run there will be more, and larger changes to the entire community, which affects users of all Siemens PLM products. If you have questions about the changes, you can leave a comment here or contact me directly via email or the private message tools provided by the community.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

So when is the BIG change going to happen?

Community Manager

@KennyG -- I think we've come to realize that a lot of what users are asking for are fairly small incremental changes (make it more readable, make spell checker work, etc.) and will just proceed with those on an incremental basis rather than trying to big bang it. That is Matt's point. And then we'll consider other changes in the longer term. But the focus right now is good incremental progress that results in most of what users have been asking for in very short order.

Gears Honored Contributor

Changing the color of title from gray to, say black, should only be a little tweak.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

@dcstaples Dan, I understand that but in Matt's last paragraph he states "In the longer run there will be more, and larger changes to the entire community, which affects users of all Siemens PLM products." to which my question was "When?".


And along those lines, when will the bbsnotes groups be closed down and their content imported here so we aren't bridging two groups for the same/similar information?

Community Manager

@KennyG -- Ken, as you well know, I tend to not be a "let's talk about futures" type of guy. Let's just focus on what we can do here and now and we'll revisit the "more" topic at some later date.


Matt, This is all good news. Any idea if we could also get "cut and paste" capabilities. It seems ridiculous that the old Newsreader in Thunderbird which is probably 100 years old by now has always had this capability. I find that having to first Save a image or video, then go "Browse" just to retrieve it... and one at a time, is a total PIA. The best way to ask and help a question here is to do it with pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here on this CAD forum, it's worth 100X that, since people are able to see first hand what a User's trying to do. I also think this is a HUGE help to folks outside the English speaking world, especially since the vernacular for describing things can be very different... Like all those folks in Australia using the term "colour grey" ... I never know what the hell they're talking about?


And just so you know... the spellchecker along with all the other editing tools never shows up.... come on it's 2014, doesn't anyone check this stuff on FireFox or other Browsers? IE along with it's "DO NOT USE due to SECURITY FLAWS" is less then 25% of the market now anyway. 


So another reason I still don't like the community is the fact that I have no way of being tortured here when placing an image, because there's no tool menu. And Preview Tab doesn't work, nor does the HTML Tab. But funny enough, if I use the pull down menu and hit Edit, I get a full screen with all the tools... go figure!


Here's the screen it defaults to... pretty useless.


Gears Esteemed Contributor

THIS would be nice if it worked to just copy/paste directly from a word document [images, formatting, etc]....thereby giving the faux newsreader capability that is so sorely missed.




Valued Contributor
Interesting to see my earlier comment and reply to Ken on the glacial pace of changes and why has disappeared. Is someone over there defensive or angry over talk about long term problems that are not solved? Is this going to be the future of this forum and community where unpalatable to Siemens or PLM World or whomever comments even though true will be sanitized? Ignoring the problems or sweeping them under the carpet does not solve them and is a poignant reminder of past attitudes I thought were going away. These guys are asking legitimate questions like why can't simple things get done. I am asking them to and I am interested to see if this comment also gets pulled or we get some honest answers as to why simple things don't get done.
Gears Honored Contributor

Copy just one image (a modest 300 x 300) from MS Paint and paste it in this editor.

Note the message in red at the bottom of the window:




Note - no scrollbar in the image above.

Switching to the HTML tab shows this:




Note again the message in red.

Note the thumb size of the scroll bar in the image above indicating how much garbage has been dumped here in just for a 300x300 image using Copy-Paste.

I remember tearing my hair out trying to put an image into a post for the first time.

Ironically, I have inserted these two images using the PIA method mentioned by Bob, so actually its 2x PIA.