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Community Keyshot Rendering Contest Winner


original.pngkeyshotrendercontest.pngThe first rendering contest has a winner! In fact, it has two. There was a tie for the total number of votes, so although @Fiorini got the credit for the win on the Winners page, both he and @RubenOrihuela will get prizes. The forum software makes me pick only one to show as the winner, so I selected the one I voted for.


I'll be in touch with you two about how to collect your prizes- watch your private messages.


keyshotrendercontest.pngAnd I would like to give an honorable mention to @BobMileti for what was really a resourceful rendering that pulled together several different types of data and techniques. Plus, in several forum comments, Bob took some time to describe for all of us how he managed it all. Bob was a little late in submitting his image to get any votes, but I want to encourage participation regardless of ability to follow the rules Smiley Tongue


So now we get a week off, during which @Fiorini and @RubenOrihuela get to revel in their vicotry. And then next week, we'll start with a brand new model and do it all over again. There is even a rumor that we may have a prize worth a lot more money for the next contest. 

Thank you Matt for the compliments. And yes everyone should be encouraged to play with KeyShot more. I failed to mention that I have a Professional Version of Keyshot. I believe everything I did was within the capability of the Solid Edge plug-in, and therefore everyone can do what I've done here. I can't have both versions loaded on my system to tell.
Gears Honored Contributor

Congratulations to @Fiorini

Francesco, you took the piano model to a new high level, using the crane, which is no mean feat.

The bar is now raised for future rendering contests  Robot Very Happy

Gears Phenom

Wow I didn't expect to be one of the winners.

I will try to do a proper render without the watermark for the next one Smiley Very Happy




Francesco, If I may offer you another suggestion. Look at using the GRID feature temporally in order to make the crane sit on the ground more closely to the background picture.


I think you can tweak the perspective and align the Crane a little better if you use the GRID to help you. This is a very POWERFUL feature in Keyshot to make  objects seem as much a part of the background.


If you look at the Crane's outriggers in your rendering, you'll see that the Top Edge Line is not falling at the same angle as the vanishing point. if you place the GRID on this you'll see it better.


I'm NOT being critical, but only trying to help with users to use more of the tools in Keyshot. With these tools there are very few backgrounds you can't use.


Below you can see the grid that I used to place this scene for my rendering. By using the perspective slider with the GRID ON, I'm able to match up the the converging vanishing points to match the floor to wall lines.  And everytime you  move the objects this is a great tool to keep thing "grounded".


By the way the bottom illustration is "too perfect" technically, and this is were a little artistic licence is required to push the limits a bit.... I tend to adjust the perspective a little more to add drama and to force more focus on the subject. But the grid tool is were you need to start.




I hope that helps.

Gears Phenom

Thanks Bob for your precious advise.


The background story of my model is this:

- 90% of time spent to model the "ropes" to lift the piano with the crane

- 5% to realize that my home trial license is expired

- 5% to apply some random material and render just to have idea of what it look like


My thought was to do some better render\aligment later with a full license but unfortunately I didn't had time within the deadline, so my render is just a draft of what it could have been.


Grid option is a great feature, to the other side I think KeyShot for SolidEdge doesn't have the ability to import geometry other than from Solid Edge or Solid Edge files.


Will dig more later if I have a chance.



Well as I mentioned before, I'm using the Pro version and can't tell what's not available in the SE plugin. But on my Toolbar I have the ability to import other 3D models, both SE and 3D Objects.


import key.jpg