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Countdown to Launch: ST9


By now you've probably heard some of What's New in ST9. A few of the features were announced back in October at Solid Edge University 2015. But (unless you're a beta tester) whatever you have heard doesn't compare to what's really new. Here was Jeff Walker's slide from SEU15. He got a good laugh from the crowd for this one.


On Monday, May 16, all the thick black lines can be removed. I'll be blogging furiously on some of these topics above. Some will be bigger than others, and will be worthy of more than one blog post.


New feature time is my favorite time of the year. Except of course when it's SEU time, then that's my favorite time of the year.


Is there any official release date yet?

Gears Esteemed Contributor

No official release date.  Expected early Summer.  ST6 was available late July, ST7 was early August, and ST8 was early June (technically late Spring) so it can be anywhere between early June to early August but possibly a little earlier or a little later.  Depends on the particular releases' project complexity and where it is at with regards to meeting QA objectives.


It will be interesting to see what Matt picks first to write about.  Lots of cool stuff!




It will be interesting to see what Matt picks first to write about.



Smiley Wink  hmmm. I wonder...


Variable Table enhancements! Yes...give us more tools like if-then-else! Keep logic within the part files and out of secondary spreadsheets! This is a first step in product configuration tools/ engineering-to-order.

PLM World Member Genius

Any chance we can now see the board clean of black lines ;-)


@SolidDNA Hey, Luc! good to hear from you again! Working on getting the clean version of that slide.