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Free 3D Sync with SEU14 Registration - Limited Time Offer


0006.pngReimagine the Possibilities! Up to April 30th, each Solid Edge customer who pays for registration for Solid Edge University 2014 will be offered a free license of 3DSync.


3DSync with a value of $1995, enables you to use the power of Synchronous Technology to edit your imported parts, or sketch and add new synchronous features. This is the full power of Synchronous Technology taken from full-blown Solid Edge. 


If you have not yet registered for SEU, this offer will help make your trip worthwhile, but you have to register before April 30, so do it now.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

If you have Solid Edge, then you already have 3DSync.  I'm missing what the incentive is?

Community Manager

@KennyG -- it is an additional seat. So if you have 3 seats of Classic, after SEU you will have 3 seats of Classic and 1 seat of 3DSync. 


Ken rightly points out that a lot of you may not even know what 3DSync is or that it even exists. Basically, it is SE Synchronous Modeling for parts and assemblies (no drafting, no sheet metal). So yes, its a subset of Solid Edge Classic, but an awful lot of good stuff.