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Happy Thanksgiving


Sentimentality doesn't often fly on a professional and technical blog, but in the end, behind the other concerns, Thanksgiving is one holiday that everybody has a stake in. I want to take this opportunity to extend my wish for a Happy Thanksgiving to all readers. Not all countries celebrate this day officially, and those that do celebrate on different days, but the meaning is the same everywhere.


I personally have to say a big "thank you" to the Solid Edge community for accepting me and allowing me to make a risky career change this year. Moving to an organization on the up-swing, with a lot of unrealized potential has been good for me in a lot of ways, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.


Many of you have had to endure first hand some of the fickleness of the current state of things in manufacturing in the US and throughout the world. Most of us can sympathize with hard times, having been there ourselves, with the wish for better days ahead.


So I wish for all of you out there a Happy Thanksgiving. Do something nice for someone else, and come back on Monday rested, and ready to get back at it. I will not be publishing any articles on the Solid Edge Community Blog until Monday.





Thanks Matt... and you do the same.  We all can THANK YOU for all you've done for the Solid Edge Community.


Coming from the outside as you say was the best thing. It gives a real honest perspective of how much we all can appreciate Solid Edge and the great folks at Siemens. Thank You!