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Have Input into Community Improvements


The Solid Edge User Community is part of the the larger Siemens PLM Community. Some of you might not be aware of this, but the Siemens PLM Community has areas for NX, Tecnomatix, Academic, Medical Devices, FEMAP, and so on. Chris Kelley and Susan Alig (formerly Cinadr) are in charge of the Siemens PLM Community, and community managers like me are in charge of the individual areas. So when I say "we" I am referring to the other community managers and myself.


Although there are many benefits of our community site, we are also aware that there are some shortcomings. That's the part we need your help with. At this time we are tackling the layout and general appearance of the site, and we have a survey meant to help you help us with that. The survey has some open ended questions, and I encourage you to "express yourself". If you have ideas for things you might like to see us incorporate, let us know. If there is something you have a hard time with on the site, let us know. If there is something you really like and don't want us to change, let us know that too. In general, we just want the input of people who either come here or would come here if we fixed some problem.

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General theme of my comments...."News Reader Compatibility"

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Question 11 is a bit treaky


For colums, it depend on the section of the site but giving screen size, I would say between two and three.


Here one example for inspiration (It is in french but since we talk design language does not really matter) It's a site for an apps that replace the physical newspaper.


This is the overview of the apps


User guide for the functionalites


Colored section is one of the things I like


Matt your new ontheedge look'n feel is in the right direction.


The fact that Siemens has to post this in each forum should speak volumes about the usability!



Right now, the three places where I posted it have different target audiences, and it's likely that some people visit one place and not another. We're trying to address the problems.