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Matt Lombard, the New Guy in Town


headshot2.pngHi. I’m Matt Lombard, the author of the best-selling SolidWorks Bible series, and a recent convert to Solid Edge. I've joined the Solid Edge team, and will be helping to run and grow this online community. It will be my job to bring you information from insiders, to find out what you think about things, and help make things happen. I’ll help you find information, and connect with others here on the forum.


Even though I'm using a different CAD package, there are some things about me that haven’t changed. I'm working for a big company now, but my dedication to advocating for CAD users remains. This is part of the reason that Solid Edge hired me. Also, those who know me know I’m a straight shooter. I won’t sugar coat thingst I'll try to cut to the heart of the matter. I love to put together info and get it out to people who need it, so I’ll be writing a blog, and maybe coordinating a larger effort to get you a range of useful stuff from a range of knowledgeable folks.,


The community works best if we all take part, so I’ll be doing things aimed at getting people to participate. Participation doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy, and you'll always get more out of it than you put in. Participation can involve reading, commenting, giving kudos as appropriate, and submitting your ideas for improvements. You might even be asked to guest blog, or help in the administration of the site as a citizen volunteer.


This community is young, and showing a lot of promise. I want to help it continue to grow and make it a destination for all Solid Edge users. We have some constraints that we have to operate within, but we want to build this community around your needs, and make it useful for you, to truly help you “design better”.


P.S. For those who are able to attend, I'll be at Solid Edge University next week! I look forward to meeting friends, new and old!




Esteemed Contributor

Excellent to have you onboard Matt....can't wait to see how this all progresses, in both your envolvement, and with the new fruit in ST6 forward.


Can't get to SEU13, so will have to suffice with all I can, online. Robot Frustrated  >>FEED ME, Seymore!<<  Robot LOL