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New Destinations in the Solid Edge Community


communitylist.pngWe have added a couple new areas to the Solid Edge Community in recent weeks. The Greenpower Challenge Forum is there for people who want to show off their cars, learn about the program, or ask how they can get involved. The Solid Edge Academic Blog is just getting started, but will become a place to read about and comment on articles from Solid Edge academia.


While you're checking out the new areas, make sure you are also familiar with the rest of the destinations within the community. Many additions have recently been made to the knowledge base.


Also not listed above is the active Solid Edge Developer Forum, which is just organized differently, not under the Solid Edge heading. If you have any aspirations to programming or writing macros for Solid Edge, you need to spend some time here. There is a blog, forum and a knowledge base run by Jason Newell.