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New research on mobile 3D includes interviews with Solid Edge customers

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

In the eBook Chad Jackson discusses several scenarios where mobile access to 3D CAD has a beneficial impact, and reviews the capabilities of the latest tablets and how CAD software like Solid Edge is being optimized for these devices, Chad’s conclusion is that “CAD on mobile devices is finally feasible and ready. Together the two are a natural fit.”


You can read a blog post about the research or access the eBook directly.

Gears Honored Contributor

The idea of CAD on a mobile has come of age.


The eBook however falls short on one aspect, that of discussing how CAD softwares especially Solid Edge has taken great strides in technologies that lead to drastic reduction in file size and key areas like large assembly optimization which shortenened the seemingly unbridgeable chasm between CAD and mobile computing.


Through their adoption and usage, @BobMileti and @SeanCresswell have fittingly demonstrated this and with them Solid Edge is going places ! way to go guys !!




Siemens Genius

Thanks for your comments and observation on improvements in CAD technology - I will pass this on the the eBook author, Chad Jackson.

One question for you - the list of countries that Microsoft gave us for where the Surface Pro 3 is fully available did not include India - do you have any knowledge on the availability of the Surface Pro 3 in India?




Gears Honored Contributor

That's right Dave. Microsoft initially didn't include India in the list of 28 new markets the Surface Pro 3 was available in after it started with just the U.S., Canada and Japan, the high-end tablet market being a niche segment in the country.


A quick online chat with MS India Stores revealed hardware is available only with retailers whom I found to be selling the 128 GB Core i5 variant for a full $600 more than what the tablet retails for in the US.

So officially Microsoft does not appear to be offering the Surface Pro 3 in India yet.


Though, on a lighter note and looking at the trend of some Hollywood movies being released in India prior to in the U.S., I am hopeful of the next Surface Pro being made available out here too, especially now that Satya Nadella, an Indian is heading Microsoft. Just kidding Smiley Happy