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Nice Synchronous Technology Video


If you haven't seen this yet, there's a nice synchronous video making the rounds put together by Oliver Duncan. It hits many of the lightlights of the arguments for Synchronous Technology. If you're not a synchronous user, you owe it to yourself to check this out. And if you are already taking advantage of ST, pass this around to some of your non-sync and even non-SE friends and colleagues. It's a very compelling and compact demonstration of the major points. It's only six and a half minutes. Even though the title talks about imported data, you can use these techniques to edit all prismatic parts.


Gears Honored Contributor

That is a very impressive video Matt.

I watched it repeatedly over just to believe more and see ST in action.

The voice-over is crisp and made obviously for demo purpose, drives home the point in a very effective manner.

Once satiated, I started to search for more videos that would teach how to do this for self in details, step-by-step and found this video that very neatly explains the steering wheel, live rules, synchronous editing with an without using live rules, editing using the steering wheel, driving dimension and both, awesome !! - gives a very gentle and firm footing into the world of ST:



and this one from Designfusion, is of the level one may only get to learn with paid classes, what a soulful voice, ST percolated down my heart and the techniques demonstrated seep into my brain, gave me a head start on learning ST: