Participate in the Industry Survey and get Something Back!

by MLombard ‎06-05-2014 04:31 PM - edited ‎06-05-2014 09:36 PM (1,044 Views)

Every year, Brad Holtz of Cyon Research surveys the engineering software industry. The results of his survey are pricy ($2000) if you want to buy them, but if you participate in the survey, you get them for free. The survey takes a few minutes to fill out, but I think it would be useful if Solid Edge users were better represented in the results this year.


So if you have a few minutes to spare, follow this link, and fill out the survey. When you get the results in a few weeks, you may find some of the information interesting. It is not directly related to specific CAD functionality, but more generally about why/who/when you pick the software your company uses.