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Rendering Contest for SEU16


keyshot render  der8.png

There is a new rendering contest sponsored by Solid Edge, KeyShot, 3D Connexion, and Lenovo. We want Solid Edge users to display your talent. And we’ve got some cool prizes, like a Lenovo Yoga P40 tablet, an upgrade to Keyshot Pro, and a SpaceMouse Pro.


Your entry has to be posted to the contest site on the community, which requires registration. The winners will be announced from the main stage at Solid Edge University, but you don’t have to be present to win. The models have to be created in Solid Edge, and the renderings have to be created in KeyShot.


This is a great chance to show that rocket you're planning to build in your garage, or the model you made of your house, complete with cutaways and furniture, and the dog... Or maybe you are a closet Corvette lover, and you've modeled one in Solid Edge. Maybe you've designed a Rube Goldberg contraption.


There have been a lot of great Win a Lenovo P40 Yoga Mobile WorkstationWin a Lenovo P40 Yoga Mobile Workstationrenderings on the stickied thread in the forum. That is just for fun and bragging rights, but this contest has some real prizes and major notoriety - the SEU main stage!


You've got between August 19 and September 30 to build your models and submit your renderings. We've got a panel of pros from across the CAD industry acting as judges. I'm looking forward to what you all have to show! Go to the site, check out the rules, and submit some renderings!