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RuleStream for Solid Edge now Available


I've been a big fan of Engineer To Order software and processes for a long time. In certain industries, you've got to be on this bus, or you'll find yourself under it one day.


Engineer to Order goes under a number of names, but it is essentially when you have a line of products that can be resized or reconfigured based on some easily changed parameters. For example your company might create steam processing plants. You might offer a standard plant, but then be able to scale up or down based on output, or based on high salinity input. You might have to add some standard pre-engineered components, or offer a portable version, or a number of variations based on your standard designs.


ETO saves you from re-engineering the same jobs again and again. The process can start right from the salesman talking to the customer, and can prepare quotes, or go all the way through creating drawings for a finished product and all the components. .


RuleStream is an ETO package that has been around for a while already, and it has been owned by Siemens PLM for the past 3 years or so. I took training on RuleStream more than 11 years ago. It wasn't absolutely necessary to have programming skills to set up Rulestream, but it would have helped significantly. 



Check out the RuleStream website.




I am glad to see these types of systems being developed for Solid Edge. I have some experience with CPQ systems using competitive software offerings and building "smart" designs within NX (1,000+ part assemblies).

I have not yet had the change to use RuleStream but I do know, from a local company, that the tool is very powerful.

Has RuleStream been "simplified" so that designer and/or an engineer can work with it? Or does it still require significant programming?

Does the price tag require you to be a large corporate OEM or is it affordable for SMBs?






My understanding from my early training was that they intended engineers to be the ones who did the "programming", but they insisted that the development did not require a real programmer. My training suggested to me that you had to be at least an engineer who understands logic and conditional statement command flow. I don't know specifically of any changes to the product, but I'd be surprised if it has not improved in the past 11 years.


From what I understand, RuleStream is still a 6-figure sort of implementation, but this is something you will want to verify separately.


It would be interesting to see a DriveWorks-level basic configurator for more mainstream Solid Edge use to compete on that level as well.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

"It would be interesting to see a DriveWorks-level basic configurator for more mainstream Solid Edge use to compete on that level as well."


AMEN to that!


I've asked Maria, one of the founders of DW, about that in the past. But I've never gotten a real answer. I don't think that they could based on the fact that their product is distributed and installed on the SW discs. Exclusive rights??

In my current role my organization use DW Pro, Live (for sales configurator) and we own Autopilot and are working on building the quote to design connections.


I've talked to others at Siemens about this but there doesnt appear to be to much interest. I did find a couple companies that offer add-ins but nothing compared to the DW + SW integration and capabilities. is one tool. interestingly enough this os a Siemens partner but the company website is all SW. Maybe Siemens should take a second look at their partners???