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SEU14 video: Live Rules and Solution Manager


I've previously written about LR and SM, and also going a little deeper with the Solution Manager. Before writing these blog articles, I spent some time talking to Chris. In order to get all the value out of Synchronous that you can, you really need to understand how to use these two tools. Reading blog posts and watching videos is great, but you'll need to sit down and practice to really understand how to use them


Chris Dayton is the Solid Edge Product Manager for Live Rules and Solution Manager. If you are using Synchronous, Live Rules is something you've got to understand. At SEU14, he gave a presentation that explains what it's all about, and how to make use of it.


The audio is again a little funky, and Chris' style is a little chaotic, but the information he doles out here is absolutely essential if you are trying to work with Live Rules and the Solution Manager. These tools are part of the on-going evolution of Synchronous Technology, and once you understand how the software is trying to communicate with you, you're going to spend less time fiddling with the settings and options.




Very informative, but it was hard to see the screen. I made the first model and followed along and went back in the video to get what I missed a few times. It all works in ST6 but the default colors are a little different. Also the hotkey to show the solution manager is just the v key, not ctrl-v.