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ST7: Material Table


The Material Table received a lot of attention in ST7. As a result, I think you will find materials in general much easier to deal with and a more complete solution than previously. You still access the table through the Application Menu >  Properties > Material Table, but many of the functions and much of the interface are new. Here is a general list of the enhancements you’ll find in ST7’s Material Table:


  • Multiple library support
  • New and improved UI 
  • Grouping/categorization support
  • Custom material property support
  • Import and Export
  • Import from
  • Favorite and recent materials
  • Rename , Cut/Copy-Paste

Let’s go through some of these in detail.


materials2.pngUser Interface enhancements


The interface for the Material Table has improved significantly in ST7. You can see multiple libraries at the same time, and the material types are grouped together. Visual styles, cross hatch (fill style) and mechanical properties are assigned when you assign a material to a part.

You can copy and paste within this interface to create new or altered materials. Right click on an existing material to access the Add Custom Property option based on an existing material. This interface will make managing and applying large numbers of materials much easier.


Favorite and Recent Materials


The new interface has a tab for Favorites and Recent Materials. This makes applying the same set of materials of different types multiple times easier


materials1.pngMultiple Library Support


Solid Edge Options > File Locations > Material Table Folder enables you to set a folder to hold your material libraries, which by default is C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST7\Preferences\Materials. Materials files use the extenstion *.mtl.


Import Export


You can import and export material files using Excel format. When importing, you have to use the same format, so it might be a good idea to export one first, check out the format, then match the format when you import. This functionality will allow you to get material information from just about anywhere, including Matweb.




This goes a long way to update one of the areas that was starting to look a bit dated in Solid Edge, as well as adding a lot of very helpful and convenient new tools. Join me in a round of applause for the development guys!


Can custom properties, created in the material table, be mapped to Teamcenter?


Thanks Mr. Lombard

I believe material like Rubber is not available in Soliedge (I am using SE 8), just like plastic or any other metal alloy, Rubber has variety & I don not have property details, could you let us know where to find such material (.mtl) files for Solidedge which abide to market standards

I use Matweb for most of my general material property inquiries


Not sure that they have the .mtl files, but you can create your own materials and libraries in Solid Edge. Ultimately, you sould get your material properties from the actual material supplier, or from your molder, who will get it from the supplier.  With rubber especially there is an immense range of properties depending on the type, and possibly custom additives etc.