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ST7 Sneak Peek: Material Property Enhancements


This is the last of the ST7 enhancements I'm allowed to preview for you guys, but trust me, this is not the end of the new features. All I can say is, wow, someone has been busy!


Picture1.pngMaterial table enhancements:


•Multiple library support
•New and improved UI 

•Grouping  and categorization support

•Custom material property support

•Import and Export

•Import from

•Favorite and recent materials

•Rename, Cut/Copy-Paste

Picture2.png•Materials from multiple libraries can be accessed at once from the material table dialog. All the libraries from the folder set from Solid Edge Options will be seen in the material table dialog.
•Part pathfinder has a material node that displays the name of applied material.

•The context menu of the material node has list of recent and favorite materials, which can be used to apply/change material.
•The material droplists in commands will now show list of recent and favorite materials instead of the whole list of materials from library.
•Add custom material properties as required.
•Can add custom properties to multiple materials at once.
•All unit types available in Solid Edge are supported for value of custom property.
Picture3.pngScalar(number only) and text values are also supported.
•Can edit and delete custom properties.
•Import and Export material files from and to Excel(xlsx and xls) format.
•Both material properties and gage properties can be imported and exported.
•When importing, the data in the excel file has to be in a specific format.
•Categories can be added in excel file, and on importing , directories will be automatically created.
•Importing overwrites the existing materials from a library.
•Favorites – User defined list of materials .
•Favorites can be from multiple libraries.
•Can custom sort the favorite list and same sorting will be seen in all context menu and material droplists.
•Favorite list is dynamically updated if the materials or library is changed from the material table UI.
•Ability to favorites that are not found in the libraries.
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Can we start typing in the droplist and the list will filter the entries? or is it a simple pick list?


You pick from a set of folders. A search window would be a cool enhancement, though.

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So much of functionality listed just in the preview. Can't wait for the full documentation and functionality hands on.

Matt, This all looks good... but my big gripe has been does the Material stay imbedded with the part or does this information stay local on the machine. One of the biggest drawbacks with ST6 and earlier releases is losing special colors and edits such as labels, etc. when moving these parts/assemblies to different places. When we get done with a final Assembly and I use Rev Man to move it to it's final resting Folder, I always loose the parts custom details. So an HMI screen label and other end up gray! The reason this happens is because I always make a final Assembly for the customer and can't leave parts in their original "Parts" directory. If Rev Manager was better at handling this, then maybe this wouldn't be an issue. Anyway here's hoping that once a Part is made to look realistic, those attributes stay with the Part until edited.

How will this material definition work within a Teamcenter managed environment?  If you have the Material Management extension with Teamcenter, will it syncronize between the two?  Finally, if the material definition does go to Teamcenter, can it be used by the Substance Compliance module of Teamcenter? 


Looking forward to the enhancements.

i just hope the number of actions don't increase.

by that I mean the number of clicks or hand movements to do the same thing as previously.

when you spend quite a bit of time at the keyboard and mouse etc you can get rather tired over time. ( which can lead to long term issues ) I know it's a first world problem. But oh&s issues can be a considerable issue for my self and employers.

just putting out there as a concern.


next comment:

Is SE being developed to take in the features of tablet style actions from screen touch interfaces?

any feed back in this regard may reduce the affects I was asking about above?


Best Wishes




have you some information about importing data from







What kind of information are you looking for? Are you on ST7 or an older version?


We can import directly into the solid edge material table files that can be downloaded from matweb?