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ST8: Assembly Productivity Enhancements


For ST8, Solid Edge has added a few nice assembly productivity enhancements.


st8assemblyproductivity1.pngThe first one sounds simple, but once you use it a few times, I think you'll agree that it saves a lot of time. Top Level Assembly document filter is on your Files Of Type list in your Open menu. This option will filter out all of the subassemblies in a directory, and only display the top level assembly files. I think you'll agree that this is a nice tool when you have a lot of files in a single folder, but you're only looking for the top level assembly. It's also particularly nice when you're unfamiliar with a particular product model. Sorting assembly files by size isn't always the most effective way to find the top assembly.


st8assemblyproductivity2.pngAnother enhancement is that Chinese and Taiwanese standard parts are now being delivered with the Standard Parts library. If you use one of those standards, or work with Solid Edge users who do, this should be a huge step forward for you. I can't imagine needing to make all my standard parts myself.



The third assembly productivity enhancement I'll address here is the new Repair Missing Files dialog. Find this on the Inspect tab, in the Evaluate group.



If you open an assembly with a missing file, the dialog will appear immediately on open. The primary purpose for the tool seems to be to help you find files that have been moved rather than files that have been renamed. Renamed files can also be located, but not automatically, and not by the default option. The first time time you open an assembly with a missing file, this dialog (below) will appear.


The buttons on the right side of the dialog are, in order from top to bottom:


  • Search In...
  • Scroll to...
  • Replace Part
  • Replace with Standard Parts
  • Replace with New part

Neat!!! I think the Top Level Assembly option is going to be my personal favorite in ST8. It's the little things that get me the most excited....

Valued Contributor

How does the Repair Missing Files command work with TeamCenter? Every once in a while (not often), the BOM for an assembly will get corrupted and we have to manually download and replace the parts and then save/upload/check-in the assembly. Not a huge issue, but irritating when it happens.




as far as I know there is no integration with team center. it is a local function only. it may help you build a complete assembly before checking it in to teamcenter however.

Gears Phenom

When will the install of "Standard parts" be a thing of checking a checkbox during the install in stead of the horrible disaster of installing this now?


When do we get to experience these for ourselves? Is there a release date to GTAC scheduled?


The initial release of ST 8 will happen in July,  once all the testing and fixing are done. You can use some of these things now if you're willing to deal with pre-release software and you're on the beta tester list


Community Manager

@MLombard et al -- Our goal with yearly release had been to release in June/July, but it gotten to be "late July" really. We took action to improve upon this and so the ST8 release will surely be in June this year -- very likely by mid-June.

Siemens Phenom

FYI, Repair Missing Files is document management aware, including Teamcenter Smiley Very Happy




A simple question - how does it know which is/are top levels?

Siemens Phenom

My understanding is that this scans all the .asm files to determine which are top level.  Therefore, although this is a useful function, you would most probably not want to apply this filter on a folder containing thousands of .asm files across a slow network, for example ;-)  It still works but there will be a slight delay in returning reuslts.  On smaller clusters of files it can be extremely productive though.


Can the File Properties dialog box be resized in ST8?  It is a real pain not to be able to read whole lines in the propseed file.  I've asked for this to be done for years.

hi matt i'm new edge user and definetly i find synchronous tech is a great idea in solid modeling but when it comes to surfacing it's a bit annoying, specialy when i want modifing the shape of the surface(because the link between the sketch and the feature is destroyed) and if you want the change in shape taking place, you have to delete the surface and restore the skecth then modify this latter and then create your new surface it's a bit long my sugestion is to add to the command a turn on/off sketch link and by default to be off, so you can go back to modify the surface's shape without the long steps listed above is there any possibility? friendly omar

Omar, yeah, that's the way it is with complex shapes. Complex shapes should stay in Ordered in Solid Edge.


hi matt

i need some help from you

i have to model a shape in solidedge and i can't find the way 

it's a complex shape for me 

flower.JPGi would be very thankful for your help

Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @omarkadd,....can I suggest you start a topic for this in the main Solid Edge forum. I'm certain there will be plenty of willing people, just like Matt, to offer help with this.


Link to the SE-Forum below: