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ST8: Weldments



ST8 enables you to create weldment features in an In-Place part. To do this:

  1. open assembly
  2. create In-Place part (Sync or Ordered)
  3. In the part environment, the weld features are under the Solids>Sweep dropdown.
  4. Sync allows Fillet and Groove welds
  5. Ordered allows Fillet, Groove, Stitch and Label welds


The Ordered commands are shown on the left below, and the Sync commands are on the right.





















The resulting Fillet weld bead and features in the Pathfinder for the Ordered workflow are shown below.



Edits to assemblies with Ordered weld features are associative and update, while edits to parts in an assembly where the weld bead is Synchronous must be edited synchronously.

Community Manager

So a couple of really GOOD things about this for those that do welds:


1. You can now do a weld on the corners of a single sheet metal part (say) without making an ASM.

2. With Label weld, you can "draw your own". There are times when fillet or groove weld won't do what you need -- so just "model it" however you like and then label it. You can get the right behavior in draft.



Another EXCELLENT improvement for sheet metal users! Thanks!