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ST8: "Like Me" Synchronous Pattern Recognition


st8recognizepatterns.pngWith every release, Solid Edge increases the power of Synchronous Technology. Part of that power is how Sync deals with imported data. The ability to extract intelligence or design intent from "dumb" imported data is one of the key advantages of direct edit in general, and Synchronous Technology in specific.


In previous releases, we got the ability to find patterns of holes, and in ST8, we are getting the ability to identify patterns of selected geometry. You can find the Recognize Patterns tool on the Home tab, Pattern group.


To use it, preselect a set of faces that you want to be the first instance of the pattern. Solid Edge will recognize both rectanglular and circular patterns, and will even recognize incomplete patterns.


If it recognizes a pattern, it will show a list of the patterns in a small table.


With this table, you can change the master occurrence or rename the pattern. You can also prevent Solid Edge from recognizing a particular pattern.


Once the pattern is recognized, it shows up as a feature in the Pathfinder, and can be edited like any other feature. You can change the spacing, number in X or Y and even suppress instances.



The ability to recognize patterns of holes in previous releases was fantastic, but this adds much more value to what Synchronous Technology has to offer you. Working with imported parts, or just parts that were made by someone else a long time ago and the history-based design intent has been forgotten.


In my experiments, I was not able to get it to recognize a pattern of patterns, or sub-patterns such as the patterns of ribs on each of the bosses in the example shown above. I suppose that leaves us something to look forward to next year.


Still, for those of us who use Synchronous Technology, this just adds to the value we can derive from parts imported from other systems. And for those who don't use Sync yet, it gives you one less reason...

Gears Phenom

One of my favorite feature in ST8 and this works from assy too! Cool!





Well I'm glad to see more progress on Patterns in ST8. But I'm so disappointed in one very glaring problem that's plagued patterns for a long time... The count Dialog Box ! Why does development ignore one of the most problematic issues in a 3D model... VIEW ORIENTATION!


Look at this picture that Matt posted:


pattern 1.jpg


There is no regard to the fact that the ACTUAL Orientation is different to the Screen View... So the user is forced to mentally adjust his mind view orientation for the models actual orientation... this sucks!  It's not so bad when you can count the pattern, and deduce which is which, but when starting a new Pattern this is always a challenge.


Something like this would be a better GUI for the users:



Who cares what the Actual coordinate system is... it's the VIEW that you SEE that allows the user the easiest way of interfacing with the model thru the GUI.


I've griped about this kinda stuff for years... when will someone in Development start to approach this stuff with REAL Human Factors in mind.



Gears Esteemed Contributor
Good point @BobMileti....maybe it would be nicer to highlight the direction when the count feild slection is made, with the axis arrows on the pattern centric, steering wheel glyph. [ would infer X-axis by the existing arrow, but it's not a clear connection]